Sony Tablet S And P Announced - Specs Revealed

Japanese electronics giant Sony have taken their first steps into the tablet market by revealing two new Android powered tablets to hit the market over the next couple of months.

The devices have been named as the Sony Tablet S and Sony Tablet P, both of which will coming running the ever popular Android Honeycomb operating system.

Sony Tablet S

The Sony Tablet S will be the premier of the two tablets with specs showing the Tablet S running a 1GHz NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor complete with a 9.4 inch WXGA 1280x800 display.  There will be three models of the Tablet S available, of which only one will run the Android 3.2 Operating System and 3G network support with the other two being WiFi only models running the older Android Honeycomb 3.1.  Current specs on the devices show the availability of 16GB and 32GB models.

Sony Tablet P

Specs on the Sony Tablet P are fairly similar to the Tablet S with the main difference being less storage (just 4GB) and a smaller display (of which there will be two).  The P will support MicroSD rather than the SD support on the Tablet S'.

The prices on the two tablets are split by £100, the Sony Tablet S ringing up at £399 and the Tablet P running in at £499.  The Tablet S will be available this month, expected with in the next couple of weeks however, you'll be waiting an additional month for the Tablet P with a release set to around mid-November, just n time for Christmas.

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