HTC Desire To Get Gingerbread This Month

The seemingly never-ending work in progress that is Android Gingerbread for the HTC Desire may finally be drawing to a close this month.  HTC announced on it's Facebook page today that testing had gone well and that they will be rolling out Gingerbread to the Desire handsets by the end of the month.

For the HTC who still have a Desire and have not rooted this is obviously good news but by the time this roll out happen the process would have taken over a month, which, in technology terms is a long time.

Our question is whether this shows a small amount of short sightedness from HTC, originally stating the handset wouldn't be getting the upgrade due to a lack of memory as a result of HTC Sense.  After realizing their customers would rather have the Android Update rather than the HTC app there was a backtrack and we've ended up on the road we're on.

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