Google's What Do You Love Helps You Find Google Products

Search giant Google has recently added a new website to it's portfolio, What Do You Love, which essentially brings together all the existing Google tools to help you find things you're searching for all in one place. The tool will take a simple search string and provide users with all the information it can find on the specific string.

A post over on the official Google Blog announced; "Type in something that you love—polar bears, space travel, pickup trucks, Lady Gaga, early Foghat—whatever strikes your fancy (for some reason, the results for cheese always crack us up, so try that if you’re momentarily stumped). No matter what it is, we’ll give you back something that will let you get even more into what you love."

We couldn't resist getting over to the site to give it a whirl and it does exactly what it says on the tin. Also, being the mature types we are, we wanted to see what Googs could find on some of the mildly rude search terms but to our surprise, anything slightly rude was replaced by 'kittens', which we don't love, downer but good catch.

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