Facebook Video Chat Announced, Powered By Skype

Well Facebook's massive announcement on Wednesday turned out to be the integration of Skype with Facebook Chat.  The new feature will allow users to video chat at no cost as the title suggests and is seen by many as a major muscle flex against the Google+ Project which is still currently in beta stages and only available to people via an invite.

Opinion is largely divided over the announcement with many feeling it has been over-hyped and produced purely to compete with Google+ features however, according to the Facebook blog the Facebook messages team has been working for over a year to make it easier to have one on one conversations with your friends.  No mention is made on the blog on how long they've been working on a video chat feature.

To use the chat service go to the Facebook Video Calling page and click on the getting started link.

In summary, Video integration is a great feature which makes sense to integrate but it's hard to evaluate the Facebook Video chat service while there's not a comparative service and whilst Google+ is on the way, it's not officially here yet.  Besides, who knows what changes Google will make now Facebook has shown it's hand.

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