Windows 8 For Tablets Finally Unveiled

Microsoft has officially unveiled the Windows 8 operating system for touchscreen devices today at D9.  It was only last week that Microsoft's Steve Ballmer revealed the operating system was on the horizon, a slip-of-the-tongue which was to be retracted by Microsoft later on.

The new operating system has been designed from the ground up specifically for touchscreen use and takes a lot of features from the Windows Phone 7 operating system.  The operating system, as with Windows 7, will feature both on desktop computers as well as mobile devices with integrated touchscreens.

In terms of features, there will still be optional use of keyboards and mouse.  Internet Explorer will also feature, integrated Office365 and multi-tasking support.  HTML5 web-connected applications will also feature along with live tiles with notifications.

To get a look at the new operating system in action, take a look at the video below.

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