Sony Ericsson txt Details Emerge

Another mobile unveiled by Sony this week, the Sony Ericsson txt, bore an incredible likeness to the HTC ChaCha.  The txt is described by Sony as "...the perfect phone for easy and fast messaging on the move" and looks to have clearly been designed as competition to the likes of the HTC ChaCha and Blackberry devices although targeted specifically to social integration.

The txt will run Sony's operating system and feature a full qwerty keyboard, 3.2 MP camera, 2.6 inch display and 100MB built in storage but let's face it, if you're buying a device built for social interactivity your probably not interested in specs.

In terms of applications and integration, the full qwerty will help keep your status' legible and the device also comes with a “friends” application that enables users to see Facebook and Twitter updates at a glance from their top five friends.  You'll also get Google Talk and Google Mail.

According to the Sony, the txt will be available in Q3 and whilst pricing hasn't been announced we'll take a guess this will be an entry level device from Sony most likely available on PAYG for around £100.

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