Playstation Vita Pricing And Release Revealed

We'll, the next generation PSP is here...almost.  The Playstation Vita, successor to the PSP has been the subject of whispers for a while now and whilst details on the device broke a couple of weeks back there's been no information on pricing nor release date.

This week has seen the PS Vita pop up in online stores all over the place and prices are varying from £229.99 to £300 depending on the model and where you look.

First up you could head over to and get yourself on the pre order list for a WiFi Vita for £229.99.  Don't want WiFi?  Well head over to and grab yourself a 3G Vita for £279.99.  The are plenty of online outlets offering the Vita for pre order but what about a release date?  Well, Sony has stated the Vita will be available in the US before Christmas and there's no chance they will miss out on the Christmas shop by not releasing the device in the UK until after so expect it to hit the shops within the first 2 weeks of December.

The Playstation Vita features front and rear multi touch screens, motion sensors, 5 inch OLED display and front and rear cameras and is said to offer "an unparalleled combination of rich gaming and social connectivity within a real world context".

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