HTC Desire WILL See Gingerbread Says HTC

Well, don't throw away your HTC Desire just yet and if you have already you better get routing through the bin.  HTC has done a spectacular U-turn over the issue reported on Tuesday that HTC will not be updating the HTC Desires to Gingerbread due to memory issues caused by HTC Sense.

HTC have announced both on Twitter and Facebook that they will now be cutting selected apps from the release to allow the device to run the latest version of the Android operating system.

The HTC post stated: "To resolve Desire's memory issue and enable the upgrade to Gingerbread, we will cut select apps from the release. Look for status updates starting next week. We apologize for any confusion."

So good news for Desire owners.  The U-turn is thought to be down to the huge amount of dissatisfied customers comments on the social networking sites stating which out of HTC Sense and Android 2.3 Gingerbread they would rather have.

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