Google+ Takes On Social Giant Facebook

Global search giant Google has launch it's latest product Google+ to take on experienced social networking site Facebook in what is widely seen as it's latest attempt to scupper the social networking sites global hold on millions of users' data despite previous failure with Google Buzz.

The new project from Google, will allow the sharing of photos, messages and comments as is part of the current service offering from Facebook, but unlike Facebook, will also integrate maps, images, video chat as well as helping users to organise contacts within groups.

Google are touting the following features which will help them to become a permanent player in social networking:

  • Circles will add functionality that will allow the placing of friends in groups and the sharing of different forms of content within these groups.
  • Hangouts will allow video conferencing between friends, letting them drop in and out of live calls.
  • Huddle will be a group instant messaging service.
  • Sparks will allow the connecting of individuals with common interests.

Google+ is clearly using the negatives of Facebook to create it's unique selling points but areas where Facebook has fallen down have rarely been corrected to 100% satisfaction of it's user base, as has consistently been the case with privacy.

Google+ in it's early stages has currently only been rolled out to a limited number of users but the company has said it will soon make the social network available to the millions of individuals that use its services every day.

Take a peek at the video below for a quick look at the Google+ Project.

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