Google Books Sneaks On To Android Phone Sneakily

It was only a couple of days ago I was going through the usual daily, by-daily app update in the Android Market.  Imagine my surprise on finding an app that I hadn't even downloaded sitting in the 'Apps' page.

Google Books has mystically appeared, requiring an update, which, on clicking informed me the app wasn't available on the market.  Google has pushed this app to my phone firstly without it even being available and secondly without any kind of request.  The joke of all this is that Google doesn't even have rights to digitally publish books in the UK and whilst there is a large collection of free books on the app it seems a little pointless publishing applications which are still going through some sort of red-tape process.  What's even more annoying is that this app ended up updating itself later on in the day.

I'm normally quite happy with Google Applications but prefer to have the choice as to what I want installed on my device and what I don't, pushing applications to my phone and force feeding users app-junk only serves to create a poor user experience.

Clearly this app has now been included in the GAPPS.apk file and uninstalling without root is not an option and any attempts are just met with the 'Requested Item Cannot Be Found' error.  I don't see any value in using this tactic to force Google Apps upon users!

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