Top 5 Changes In Android 2.4 We'd Like To See

With Android versions pouring out of Google HQ on what feels like a quarterly basis, we've put together our own top 5 list of changes we would like to see in the next Android version, be it 2.4 or whatever.

1. Car Home

This app comes in at top of our list.  The application works fine as expected but there appears to be a bug when, after completing  journey, I can't exit the app without turning the screen off, then on again.  For some odd reason the on-screen buttons no longer function correctly and I end up jumping screens, much to my frustration.  The problem did briefly disappear after the arrival of Android 2.3.3 but then re-appeared when 2.3.4 came along.  This must surely be a simple fix.

2. Market Home Page

I understand why the market layout had to change.  Tablets came along and the layout just didn't work....but, having a handset complete with app market including a market home screen which takes up half the screen seems a little pointless.  Maybe there isn't a way to distinguish between a tablet and a mobile device but then maybe the home page of the market should just be opened up altogether.

3. App Update Methods

The above kind of leads me on to the next bone of contention.  The update process with Android apps is a nightmare.  I don't like the fact that some apps are automatically set to auto-update and trying to find out which ones are and which ones are is another rabbit hole.  In my opinion, all apps should be set to manual update until ticked as otherwise.  No app should be allowed to automatically update itself without permission.  Perhaps I've missed something but I haven't found a setting to do this.

4. Background Applications

This is another annoying one for me.  Applications that run for forever and a day in the background completely unnecessarily.  Some apps such as eBay and PayPal surely have no reason to be running.  It would be nice to be able to disable apps like this as they are installed for use on the odd occasion, not on  daily basis and do not require this level of activity.

5. Memory Management

This is minor issue and more likely a hardware problem than a software problem.  After closing some apps it takes forever and a day for the home screen to return, the handset appeas to become sluggish and un-responsive.  Whether this is happening during a clean-up or release of resource process I'm not sure but it can take some time for the handset to recover.

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