Nokia E6 Release Date Confirmed - Pre Order Now

Symbian Anna smartphone, the Nokia E6, has gone pre-order over on the Nokia website.  Once ordered you can expect you spanking new Nokia to be shipped by the end of June, exact date unknown as yet.

Price on the handset are pretty much the same with a SIM-Free version of the device costing £349.00 or a Pay As You Say (*Go) costing around £339.00 saving a whopping tenner.  Easy Nokia.  Alternatively, if you're not satisfied emptying the wallet up front you can opt for a monthly deal costing £25 per month on Vodafone or £25.53 per month on T-Mobile bring your total Nokia investment to £600 over the 24 month contract.

Brief specs on the Nokia E6 list a 2.4 inch 640x480 capacitive touch screen, WiFi, Bluetooth and 8GB Internal Memory.


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