Apple iOS 4.3.3 Rolled Out - Location Fix

This week has see the roll out of Apple iOS 4.3.3.  The update addresses a number of issues but most importantly, it addresses the concerns of i-device owners around location tracking.

The update limits the time period of the location services cache as well as stopping the data being back up to a computer when the i-device is synced.  Perhaps most importantly, the cache is also now deleted when location services are switched off in settings.

Owners of the iPhone 3G and iPod Touch will be waiting longer for an update to roll out as iOS 4.3.3 is not supported on these devices.

Fix List

  1. Reduced size of the iOS crowd-sourced location database cache.
  2. No longer backs that cache up to iTunes.
  3. Deletes that cache entirely when Location Services turned off.
  4. Battery Life Improvement.

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