4G UK Testing to Kick Off Before End Of The Year

Super high speed 4G broadband is expected to begin testing before the end of this year.  Where do you need to live to get this new technology?  Cornwall!  That's right, Everything Everywhere (T-Mobile and Orange alliance) and BT are seeking testers in the Cornwall area to trial the new service set to run from September to December of his year.

After successful testing 4G technology will be rolled out in 2014 to the rest of the country with networks bidding for use of the spectrum next year.  The 4G will use the same system currently delivering the analog signal to your TV which is gradually being switched off.

Speed expectations on the network are around the 100Mbits per second level, which will finally deliver competition to Virgin Media which is currently still rolling out their 100Mbit broadband cross the country.  The UK is one of the only major markets not currently operating a 4G network, counties using the network include Germany, Sweden, Japan and the US with Brazil putting their infrastructure in place for the 2014 World Cup.

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