Samsung Galaxy S II Release Date Details - Where To Buy

Here at, we were expecting the Galaxy S2 to be released last week.  Well it just goes to show how quickly things can change.

Here's a short list of online places to get your Samsung Galaxy S2, stock dates and their respective prices:

Site Price Available £497.98 29/04/2011 £499.99 29/05/2011 £499.49 27/04/2011

Galaxy S2 Release Dates by Country:

Country Estimated Release Official Release
UK April 2011 1st May 2011
US May-June 2011  
Denmark May 2011  
Singapore April 2011 April 2011
India April 2011 April 2011
Switzerland May 2011  
Germany May 2011  
UAE May 2011  
Asia May-June 2011  
Australia June 2011  
Brazil July 2011  

Updated 18/04/2011: Online stores list prices and dates updated.

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