Mototola Xoom Dubbed Flop By Blogs

We're not too sure what it is.  Did Apple give away so many iPad 2s that truth is no longer important to online bloggers?  Not more than 24 hours has past since the Motorola Xoom has been available in the UK and several blogs have dubbed the Motorola Xoom a flop.  Whilst the Xoom has been available in the US since 24th February (just over a month ago) many have jumped at sales figures to rejoice 'poor' sales figures.

So what's the game?  Well, Deutsche Bank analysts have 'estimated' that Motorola Mobility has sold only 100,000 tablet to date.  We don't think that's too bad going considering the Xoom is the first of it's kind and has barely left the blocks in the UK.  So all that seems to be going on here is critics comparing sales of the Xoom to the original iPad which is obviously not the best idea given the fact that the iPad was the only one of it's kind at the time.

The travesty of it all is that the Xoom got bad reviews before release, despite being a better tablet on paper and now it seems it's being hammered for poor sales when there's only a months worth to go on.  Perhaps it's also coincidental this data should become available around the UK launch.

BGR give even more reasons as to why figures given by Deutsche Bank are not worth the read.

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