Google Instant Needs More Work

Back in September 2010, Google introduced a new feature to their search engine home page.  No doubt by now you’re all come across it and have mixed opinions about it.  Yes, it’s Google Instant.  It’s not hard to find bloggers online heaping praise on Google for bringing about their latest enhancement to the popular search companies range of tools.

For me, Google Instant is perhaps one of the worst things that have happened to Google in recent years, in fact, it may be the only I have ever dislike about Google but I dislike it with a passion.  For me there are at least two fundamental flaws with this tool:

First off and I would suspect most importantly, Google claim the tool can be disabled.  Whilst this is 100% accurate it is also temporary as the second your cache is cleared of cookies and temporary internet files it’s back again.  I do a lot of searching online, of which a lot includes inspecting ranking results and for those not aware, Google stores your most frequently search terms and clicked sites in a cookie which should be deleted to again get fresh results, so those thinking “Just don’t clear your cache”, it’s not quite that simple.

The second point of pain for me and Google Instant revolves around the way Google Instant will conclude results.  Perhaps this has happened to more people than just me and maybe this is more to do with suggestions than Instant itself.  When you start to type in the search box, suggestions will appear below, more often than not, when clicking one of these suggestions, Instant will change the page which in turn changes the suggestion then I end up with results for something I didn’t even want.

We’ve maybe had this tool for almost 6 months and I have tried to get used to it but it’s just not happening and knowing it will soon be rolled out to other Google products worries me.  I didn’t want Instant on my PC and I certainly don’t want it on my phone.

An ideal solution for me would be for Google to link an on/off switch to the a Google account but I suspect using the method they do makes it more likely people will keep their cookies.

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