The iPad 2 Announced - We've Got The Details

The highly anticipated iPad 2 was announced yesterday and whilst we all knew it was coming we were all in the dark as to the details so lets clear up the what, when and where.


The successor to the iPad, the iPad 2 features front and rear facing cameras, a dual core processor as well as being thinner and lighter than it's predecessor. Apple believe this is the tablet to keep them at the top of the tablet charts.  The sales will tell all.

Tech Specs:
Processor 1GHz Dual Core
Memory 256MB*
Storage 16/32/64GB
Connectivity Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n
Bluetooth 2.1
3.5mm Audio Jack
30 Pin Dock Connector
Display 9.7-Inch LED-Backlit
Multimedia Rear Facing 720p
Front Facing VGA
Feature Accelorometer
Digital Compass
Operating System iOS4
*Indicates likely but unconfirmed - Apple have been very unwilling to publish information on memory so it's very likely it's the same as in the iPad.
^Indicates on 3G model only
When….and Where
The iPad 2 has been given a release date of Friday March 25rd 2011 - This is the UK/International release date and Orange UK and T-Mobile UK will both be offering the tablet when it becomes available at the end of the month.  The non-network tied iPad is expected to cost £499.99 - on a par with the Motorola Xoom (£499.00).

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