Apple To Announce iPad 2 - Will The Rumors Stack Up?

With the high possibility of an announcement from Apple tomorrow on the iPad 2 we wanted to re-cap on the past 6 months or so of rumors to see how they stack up to any facts that could be announced.  We've be careful to not post any stories on the iPad 2 that can't be corroborated, we prefer hard facts and we all know that many of rumors to have come out in the past few months are merely efforts for sites to drive traffic to their sites but which will be true and which will be hot air?

Let's re-cap:

  1. The Price for the iPad 2 will be the same as was for the iPad
  2. Reuters reported iPad 2 would not be release until 2 June due to production bottlenecks
  3. Techradar a release date of April due to rumors Apple would be shipping iPad 2 to warehouses in February
  4. Location based tool 'Find my Friends'
  5. iPad 2 = no home button
  6. 7-Inch Display, 2GHz Processor (ARM Cortex A9)
  7. 5.6-Inch iPad 2
  8. Retina Display
  9. Thinner
  10. No SD Slot
  11. No High Resolution
  12. Front AND Rear Camera
  13. Gyroscope
  14. White iPad 2
We'll have the details up on here tomorrow as soon as they are announced.  Who knows, maybe it's not even a tablet, maybe the Apple Watch - iTime.
Updated 03/03/2011: We've struck the rubbish 6/14 isn't too bad but still means over 50% of the rumors announced we're rubbish - kudos to the sites that released legitimate information.

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