Samsung Galaxy S2 Spotted on Expansys

Yesterday we posted the release details on the Samsung Galaxy S2.

Today we've found the Galaxy S2 on Expansys and whilst we know it's been up on the website for a while thought it was worth a post. The handset, on Expansys, is priced at £629.99 which is £30 more than the price on, also, the availability date on Expansys is 20th June 2011 some 3 months after the release date on

The product page on Expansys says: "The Samsung Galaxy S II is the follow-up to the extremely succesful Galaxy S, and it is a powerhouse of a smartphone in a fantastically sleek and lightweight design. Considerably thinner than the original Galaxy S and rivals such as the iPhone 4 (8.49mm v 9.3mm) the new Samsung Galaxy S II is light (only 117g) and packs the latest version of Android (Gingerbread)."

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