Microsoft Denies Copying Google Search

Microsoft has come out of last weeks debacle over copying Google search results strongly denying any claims of foul play. According to Information Week Yusuf Mehdi, the Senior Vice President for Microsoft's online services division said: "We do not copy results from competitors. Period. Full stop,".

What's lost in this whole argument over 'did they', 'didnt they' is what the purpose of a search engine is. It's surely about discovering the most relevant results from a search, whether these results have been copied or not is not as important as the accuracy of results. Perhaps if the shoe were on the other foot, Google might carry out similar practices albeit in a different 'less evil' way but this must surely be by-the-by. Google wont lose thousands of customers to Bing over this, fact is, Bing still don't have the algorithm so results would need copying on an ongoing basis and if it keeps healthy competition between the two high then good stuff. Interesting none-the-less to see the lengths Google will go to in protecting their golden egg (not that I blame them).

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