Blackberry Takes Top UK Smartphone Spot

RIM has release statistics from GfK showing BlackBerry phones held 28.2 percent of the market, a greater share than the likes of HTC and Apple. According to figures released, over 500,000 BlackBerry handsets were sold in December 2010, giving it a record 36 percent share of the smartphone market in the UK.

Stephen Bates Blackberry's UK Managing Director, put the brands sales success down to the increasing popularity of the phones among non-business customers. He said that younger phone buyers were attracted by the free BlackBerry Messenger service, as well as improved performance on mobile internet and email services.

Earlier this week, Canalys released figures showing that global shipments of Android handsets hit 32.9 million in the final quarter of 2010 – more than phones on any other platform, with Symbian just behind with shipments of 31 million. Principal analyst at Canalys, Chris Jones, said: "Vendors can't afford to be complacent. 2011 is set to be a highly competitive year, with manufacturers looking to use new technology, such as dual-core processors, near-field communications and 3D displays, to differentiate their products and maintain value."

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