Motorola Atrix 4G

The Motorola Atrix is the front-runner of the companies Android mobiles. As smartphones become more and more powerful the Atrix is leading the way. Capable of converting into a netbook, sat-nav or media center the Atrix is not short of tricks.

The smartphone comes complete with Android Froyo and sports added extras such as fingerprint reader (as opposed to the swipy finger security screen) and a 960x540 pixel 4-inch sreen touted by Motorola as qHD.

The most exciting thing about this phone is not the looks, or features, it's all about the power. The Atrix runs a 1GHz dual-core Tegra 2 processor. The Atrix also carries double the ram found in most standard smartphones, 1GHz as well as 802.11n and HSDPA network capabilities for speedy downloading over WiFi and 3G.

Verdict: It has been said the Atrix is the 'do-it-all' mobile solution but we're not convinced. If you expect to get what you pay for then you could be parting with a pretty penny for the Atrix for many features you may never use.

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